About IES Breckland

IES Breckland is a school for children aged between 11 and 16 and an important part of the community in Brandon.  IES Breckland is part of the highly successful family of International English Schools from Sweden, selected as education provider on behalf of the Sabres Educational Trust.  IES Breckland fosters an international atmosphere and calm and productive learning environment, where teachers can teach and students can learn.  Standards are high and our students are expected to have high aspirations and self-esteem.  The school supports children to achieve better than they thought possible and equip them with skills they need for a successful transition to either further education or meaningful employment.

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Working together with SABRES Educational Trust, our vision for IES Breckland is for it to be a stimulating, secure and inclusive school at which students from all backgrounds and faiths in Brandon and its surrounding area are equally valued. We will work together to create a school that has, as its core focus, the delivery of high quality secondary education.

We want IES Breckland to be a school that supports each child to achieve better than they first thought possible by creating a tailor-made timetable to meet their needs and support them individually.

Our school will equip our students with the skills they need for a successful transition to either further education or future meaningful employment.

IES Breckland will teach our students to be reflective, resourceful and resilient individuals who have high aspirations and self-esteem for themselves. Our curriculum will be stimulating to engage all students.

Core subjects, which are clearly an essential part of life, will be at the heart of our curriculum with additional support and challenge at both ends of ability.

We offer an extensive range of extra-curricular activities and create time within the school day for these to be carried out successfully, to build upon student engagement and enjoyment. Our staff will know our students by name and know their individual strengths and weaknesses, ensuring that all students feel safe and secure when at school.

The Principal is at the school gates in the mornings, welcoming our children to school each day, and making it a priority to get to know all the children individually, quickly establishing a caring working-relationship with them.
The Principal and staff are able to steer students in the right direction for success.

We make meaningful connections with all our children to show them how much we care about them and their education.

We want IES Breckland to be at the heart of the community and hope that the community, staff and students have a sense of ownership in their school it will be a school for all of us to be proud of and a school where people are put first and cared for by a dedicated team.