Swedish Student Exchange


What is the Swedish Exchange?

The Swedish Exchange is an educational visit made by pupils of IES Breckland (IESB) and IES Halmstad (on the west coast of Sweden) to each other’s schools.

IES Breckland pupils spend three days in Halmstad: They spend two days at IES Halmstad (IESH) school, taking part in lessons which are taught in English, mixing with Swedish pupils and making a presentation to a class; and they spend one day visiting Halmstad, learning about its history and local culture.

Each IESB pupil will stay at the house of an IESH pupil, having meals with them, joining in family life and learning about their culture. In return, IESB pupils’ families will be asked to offer similar hospitality to IESH pupils when they visit IESB.

At the end of the trip, pupils write a ‘Reflective Account’ on what they have learned about Swedish life and culture.


When does it take place?

Dates for the exchange are:

  • May 7, 8, 9 & 10, 2014: IES Breckland pupils visit IES Halmstad
  • May 22, 23, 24 & 25, 2014: IES Halmstad pupils visit IES Breckland

What years are eligible to go on the trip?

  • Years 9 and 10

How many pupils from IESB can go on the trip?

  • 12

How do pupils apply to be one of the 12?

Pupils need to produce a piece of work entitled “This is what it is to be English”. The work can be completed in any medium – written, art, film, song – whatever the pupil chooses.

They need to submit their work to Mr Evans by Friday, February 14. Shortlisting will take place over half-term, and final interviews for the 12 places will be carried out in the week beginning February 24. During interviews, pupils will be asked questions about the piece of work they’ve submitted, about their interest in going on the exchange and about why they should be selected.

h3Following a good interview:

  • 4 pupils will be chosen on the basis of their work being of the highest standard
  • 4 pupils will be chosen on the basis of their work being the most creative and individual
  • 4 pupils will be chosen on the basis of their work being the most improved (from their usual standard)

When selecting the final 12, the behaviour of each applicant will also be strongly taken into account. Pupils will be expected to serve as fantastic ambassadors for IES Breckland.

What happens once the 12 pupils have been selected?

  • Pupils will be notified of their success and parents provided with all necessary extra information.

What if I have further questions?

Please contact Mr Evans at IESB.