Behaviour For Learning Policy

IES Breckland is a school for the future, a school for the community, where children are treated as individuals and high standards are expected from all. IES Breckland provides a secure environment for teaching and learning, where teachers can teach and students can learn. This policy and any associated procedures are based on this vision and set of values.


‘The school is dedicated to providing an excellent learning experience for all students where teachers can teach and students can learn’

Good behaviour will be modelled and promoted by all members of staff; we will specify exactly what the school will and will not stand for in terms of staff and student conduct and ensure that all members of the school community are clear that the school is a place for hard work.


The Behaviour for Learning Policy derives directly from the school’s Vision Statement, where it is clear that the school values all members of the school community, that each person’s worth and dignity are recognised, and each student is expected to attain success.

The school aims to provide a safe, secure, supportive environment where students can learn to the best of their ability, and where teachers can teach to the best of their ability. The cornerstones of our approach to behaviour management are:

Respect– for oneself and for other members of the school community

Rights – we recognise that students have a right to learn and that teachers have a right to teach

Responsibilities – we recognise that, with these rights, comes a responsibility for all members of the school community to work together and ensure that behaviour allows learning to happen. We firmly believe that students respond best to praise and positive incentives, and the basis of our behaviour management is always to look for the good in students. To this end, we place great emphasis on rewards and recognition of success. We will work actively to discourage behaviour which prevents learning. We believe that every student wishes to learn, that every student wishes to succeed, and that every student has a capacity for change. This Behaviour for Learning Policy has been written after an extensive period of surveys, questionnaires and interviews to ascertain staff and student views. It reflects the majority view of staff and students alike, and should be seen as a document that is created and ‘owned’ by the whole school community.


  • To ensure that the school is a safe, orderly environment that encourages learning.
  • To ensure that behaviour management is consistent across the school.
  • To celebrate and reward good behaviour.
  • To promote and assist the moral development of students in terms of altruism and their sense of community.
  • To ensure a calm, productive atmosphere that is conducive to learning.
  • To help students understand that actions have consequences, both positive and negative. To help students learn to be responsible for their actions and to identify early any students whose behaviour may adversely affect their learning. Acting quickly to rectify the situation.
  • To work actively against behaviour that damages the inclusive ethos of the school.


The foundations of the school’s Behaviour for Learning Policy are threefold:

Respect – we will encourage students to develop a healthy self-respect through high expectations and through rewarding success. The school values highly the ethos that success is something to be proud of; there is no stigma attached to success at IES Breckland. We will also encourage students to show respect for all other members of the school community, staff and students alike; we will continue to foster a sense of supportive camaraderie.

Rights – feedback from staff and students has indicated unequivocally that every member of the school community feels that:

  • Students have a right to learn without having their learning disrupted
  • Teachers have a right to teach without having their lessons disrupted
  • Students have a right to have their opinions heard at the appropriate time, provided that this does not impinge upon the first two rights 

Teachers have a right to have their instructions followed, as it is they who are responsible for ensuring that all students have access to learning at all times. Teachers at IESB are trusted to know what is best for their students.

Responsibilities – with these rights comes the responsibility of all members of the school community to act in the best interests of staff and students alike. Teachers have the responsibility to discharge their duties to their full ability and always to seek to improve their teaching. Students have a responsibility to ensure that they focus on learning at all times. We believe strongly that students should, in addition to their academic subjects, learn ways in which they can become valuable members of society, where they can show care, consideration and altruism towards their fellow human beings.